Who We Are

Living by our principles is important. One of those principles is to leave the planet a better place than when we found it. This is why we called ourselves Principle Beauty. 

We are beauty outsiders. We are not former buyers or executives at big beauty companies or beauty retailers. We are people who are passionate about sustainability with backgrounds in mission-based businesses in e-commerce — a place where customers can vote with their dollars. 

After years of living a low-waste lifestyle and striving to find everyday products that aligned with our principles, we were continually disappointed by the lack of sustainably packaged makeup. All this talk of toxic ingredients seemed at odds with packaging in plastic — a fossil fuel-derived material known for chemical leaching, impossible to recycle, and responsible for killing 1.1 million marine animals a year. This reality isn’t on-brand with the “clean beauty” message. We wanted to see a more principled approach to creating and consuming makeup.

Our first palette is the culmination of a year of intense ingredient research and test batches to find the cleanest ingredients that also delivered a big payoff. We were careful to source only ethical, safe, and non-toxic ingredients.

We gave the same energy and thought to the packaging, considering every element of our palette package, from the pans to the housing and the outer wrap, and even shipping practices. Everything is plastic-free and as low waste as possible. With time and diligence, we knew we created something truly different and special — the first-ever fully backyard compostable palette with an amazing formula that delivers bold results. 

Here's to beauty with principles ~
Jen & Marya