We're the first makeup in 100% compostable packaging. This is as close to zero-waste as it gets next to no packaging at all.

The anatomy of our package:

The Palette

Our signature cork palette itself is made from a proprietary high-density cork with no plastic binders. While it is durable and moisture resistant while in use, it is also 100% backyard compostable.

Our limited edition upcycled wood palettes are made from recovered barn wood in Colorado. The wood is untreated except for a natural oil rub. It can be crushed for compost, mulched, or collected with yard cuttings.

The Pans

Our makeup pans are 100% Aluminum. That means they can and will be recycled when you add them to your recycling bin. Aluminum is the most recycled material (unlike plastic where only 9% gets recycled.) In fact, all the aluminum created decades ago is still in use today. It is infinitely recyclable, and the best package option next to compostable materials.

The Slip Case

Our palette is minimal for a reason, with no magnets or mirrors that are not recyclable. We've created a thick kraft paper case to house the palette and keep it clean. Our kraft board is made from 100% recovered pulp and is also backyard compostable. It is printed with a vegetable and water-based ink.

Our outer paper wrap includes our labeling and ingredients. This is printed on a certified FSC paperboard coated on one side with a water-based coating that is suitable for paper recycling. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that ensures forests are managed responsibly, where every tree harvested for paper is replaced with at least 4 seedlings. 

Labels and Seals

Our labels are made from bio-degradable sugarcane pulp, a renewable resource. They are certified compostable and will degrade in a compost environment.

How we ship

We've chosen a carbon neutral shipping partner to further minimize our footprint. All our packing materials are made from recycled brown kraft paper and can be composted or recycled. Zero plastics here!

Are we zero waste?

We are as close to zero waste as any makeup brand can be, short of having no packaging at all. We think it's better to be honest about impact than blindly start marketing ourselves as zero waste when the reality is that zero waste doesn't exist. Unless you live on a farm, and grow your own food and wild craft your own cosmetics, you will be participating in some waste. The goal is to lower that waste and as a result create a movement that motivates brands to rethink their packaging impact.